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Saving and Changing Lives of Parents


Have you heard about the wonderful educational program we are currently offering our clients?   The Earn While You Learn Program is a resource that  provides educational assistance to future parents throughout pregnancy while also preparing them for successful parenting.  The in-depth educational program consists of 78 hours of prenatal, parenting, and life issue lessons.  The educational lessons are led by our Volunteer/Director, Debbie Atchley and Jody Tunnel.  They are personalized to each client’s specific parenting needs.  As our clients progress through the program requirements of watching educational videos and completing assignments, they earn“Mommy  Money”  that can be used to purchase a variety of essentials from our Baby Store.  The benefits that our clients receive from this program along with the self-worth they gain from actually earning the money to spend on items needed are invaluable. 

As our clients become better parents by completing components of the Earn While You Learn Program, our hope is that the cycle of abuse and neglect that comes from poor parenting examples can be broken.  We want to continue to encourage not only economically challenged parents to complete this life changing program, but also parents who are preparing to have a new or additional child and may want to improve their current parenting skills.

The Earn While You Learn Program is currently funded through generous donors in our area.  Fortunately, we have received generous past donations that have allowed us to purchase several modules included in the main curriculum.  We are now seeking donors who can help us purchase additional modules that include important topics for our clients to learn for successful parenting.  Some of the topics covered in these additional lessons include breastfeeding, labor, delivery, infant care, budgeting and money management, toddler life/temper tantrums/terrible twos, child abuse/neglect, drugs and alcohol  Additional modules centered on specific parenting topics as well as lessons for fathers on how to be good role models and provide good discipline are also critical materials needed.

The Earn While You Learn Program is very comprehensive with many resources and materials and is an expensive curriculum for us to maintain and expand.  Monetary donations for this vital program are needed so that we can continue to offer our clients the educational guidance they need to be the the best parents they can be for their children.  Your donations will assist us in offering a program that helps our clients become successful parents while empowering them to make practical, permanent, and positive changes in their lives  and the lives of their children.  Thank you to all who have already generously donated to the Earn While You Learn Program and to those who are considering making a donation today!  If you have any questions about this program, please contact Debbie Atchley -620-326-7800.



Theresa Snider is hosting a “thirty-one-bags” by Jens Bags party.  You are invited to join Theresa on March 29 at the Big Cheese Pizza located at 324 N. Washington, Wellington.   The come and go party will begin at 2:00 P.M. and end at 3:30 P.M.  If you are unable to attend but would like to place an order, you may call Theresa at 620-326-7804 or go the website www.mythirtyone.com/jenniferworley .


Birthline helps the first time mom, teens, single moms in our town.  I first heard about Birthline when I moved to Wellington and was pregnant, wasn't my first baby.  Birthline helped me a lot with things that I couldn’t afford for the baby and for me to be ready for my baby to come home.  They are there to listen to you, your worries and thoughts and help you through your pregnancy.  Attending Birthline one day a week, earning points by watching educational videos or reading things that go with your trimester of your pregnancy.  I still learn things I didn’t know.

          I recently started back at Birthline with another pregnancy. This one was difficult for me emotionally and physically.  I found the support needed for me there with the ladies that volunteer at Birthline.  They have never judged and everything is confidential. They support you and make you feel good about what was going on.


An Earn While You Learn Participant

 BIRTHLINE of Wellington Response Card

o Yes, I would like to support the ministry of Birthline with a gift of $____________

o I would like to support Birthline with a monthly contribution of

$10 $25 $50 My first gift is enclosed $ ____________

Total enclosed $ ____________

o I would like information on becoming an “Office Volunteer”.

o I would like to visit with someone about volunteer opportunities outside the office.    

o I would like to receive a copy of the Birthline Charter document.

(The Charter contains our guiding principles.)

Name:__________________________ Address:__________________________

City:___________________________ State/Zip: __________________________



Large diaper bag / Baby bath seat / Clip board

Infant thermometer / Black Ink Cartridge - HP 21 / Manuel breast pump (New)

Desitin / Color Ink Cartridge - HP 22 / Dry cleaning bags

46 cent Stamps / Scotch tape / Girls Size 4T, 5 & 6 summer clothing

Envelopes 3 5/8” x 6 ½” / Travel size wipes 40 count or less / PJ’s

Clear packing tape / Summer boy & girl sleep wear / Boys Size 4T, 5 & 6 summer clothing

Outlet covers/  New born and 0-3 months and PJ’s

Child cabinet locks / Yellow poster board / Boppy pillow

Please visit our Wish List at Walmart.com

1. Click "Registry" at top of page, scroll down to "wish list"

2. "First name" DEB

3. "Last name" ATC

4. Click search

5. Find our wish list to purchase items OR choose the option to purchase a gift card.


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