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We have implemented a new curriculum that has been developed specifically for clients who need to learn how to be better parents.  It was developed by a Pregnancy Crisis Center Director named Dinah Monahan of Show Low, Arizona.  It is an in-depth educational program consisting of 45 hours of prenatal, parenting, and life issue lessons.

The education is provided through Volunteer/Co-Director, Debbie Atchley.  Our goal is to equip our clients to become the best parent they can be.

By completing the program requirements such as homework, watching educational videos, etc.  Our clients earn "Mommy Money" to spend at the Baby Store located at Birthline of Wellington.  The baby store is stocked with maternity items, baby items, and children's clothing up to size 5.

If you are (or your partner is) pregnant and want to learn how to be a good parent, this program is for you!  You will have the opportunity to earn the items you will need for pregnancy and parenting while becoming educated on a wide variety of subjects that are applicable to your life.

If you are interested in this program, please call Birthline at (620) 326-7800.  We would love to help you be the best parent you can be to your new child.


The Curriculum

The Earn While You Learn Curriculum can be tailored to the specific needs of the client.  Each client will fill out an intake form to show their case worker which lessons will be needed and useful and which lessons are not applicable.  The following is a list of modules and the hour lessons within them. 


Prenatal and Parenting Classes

 Module  1                                           

The First Trimester

Prenatal Care


Going It Alone

Your Developing Baby


Module 2



What's Safe, What Isn't

Bonding with Your Baby

Your Changing Body


Module 3

The Second Trimester

A Look at Adoption

Reducing the Risk of SIDS

The Amazing Talents of a Newborn

Your Unborn Baby's Secret World



Module 4 


Infant Temperament

The Importance

The Third Trimester

Getting Ready for Baby

Eye Contact Means of Bonding


Module 5

Infant Massage

Newborn Care

Crying, Colic and Sleep

Caring for Yourself

The First Years Last Forever


Module 6

Safe and Healthy Environment

Parent/Child Relationship

Self Esteem

Quality Child Care



Module 7



Car Seat Safety

Your Baby Can Sleep

Discipline with Love


Module 8

Food for Growth

Breast Feeding Your Baby

Your Baby's Development

Preventing Child Molestation

Shaken Baby Syndrome


Module 9

It'll Never Happen to Me

The Heart of the Matter

What Does God Say

Character Matters

Making the Commitment   

created by Renee McGuire


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